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About Us

Note: We are not booking shows at this time.

Common Chord Concerts is a house concert series that takes place in private homes in Charlotte, North Carolina and nearby communities. The concerts focus on original acoustic music by professional musicians, most of whom have released several CDs and tour nationally or regionally. Artists of a wide range of genres perform, including some whose music is difficult to place in a genre. Some of music has been described as Americana, folk/rock, roots-influenced and folk/pop. Some concerts feature solo performers and others feature full bands.

What is the Common Chord? The common chord is that the artists all make real, truthful music that the audience can connect with. The listeners come to Common Chord shows to really listen and to experience the connection that great music played in a human-scale environment can forge between people.


  • What happens at a Common Chord house concert?

    We gather for about a half hour before the show. We have some seating but guests may bring their own folding chairs just in case. Guests bring their own beverages, and many bring light snacks to share before the show. The artist performs for up to an hour and a half. After the concert, guests have a chance to meet the artist, take pictures and purchase CDs and other merchandise.

  • What does it cost?

    We ask for a “suggested minimum donation” that is usually $10 or $15. 100% of the donations go to the artists. We believe strongly that artists should be paid fairly, so we do ask you to make at least the suggested minimum donation if you can. Some guests, appreciating the opportunity to hear music in such an intimate setting, donate more.

  • How do I get a spot?

    Email CommonChordConcerts@gmail.com to reserve a spot for a show. In the email say which show and how many spots you need. When you RSVP we reserve those spots for you and you’re making a commitment to attend. When people say they’re going to attend and don’t, not only does it deprive people on the wait list a chance to attend, but it takes money out of the pocket of the musician. Of course emergencies come up, so please email right away if you find out you can’t attend or your numbers change. But if you’re a no-show and you haven’t emailed us, you may lose the opportunity to attend future shows.

  • How do you get bands this good to play in a house concert?

    Many musicians enjoy playing house concerts because they provide a change of pace from playing in bars and other concert venues. They appreciate the chance to play for a respectful audience that’s really focused on listening to the music, and they enjoy the chance to meet fans in a relaxed environment.

  • Can I bring my kids?

    Unless otherwise specified, it’s fine to bring kids who are old enough and able to sit quietly through the show. Please ask first, though.

  • Can I host a house concert too?

    We’re open to including additional hosts. To host a show, you need space for the artist and audience. The audience ranges insize from 30 to 50+ people and the performer may be a solo performer or a band. There must be sufficient parking, and your home needs to be accessible enough so that its location won’t deter people from attending. You can host a show in your backyard as long as you have a rain plan. Also, maybe your neighborhood or apartment complex has a community room that’s inexpensive to use.

    Common Chord Concerts will still contact and book the bands, but if you have a suggestion, please let us know.

    If you’re interested in hosting an upcoming show, please Contact Us